Kurzfilmtournee 2017

Black Wave

Germany | 2016 | Animation | deutsch | engl. ST | 13 min.
German Short Film Award for Animation Films up to 30 Minutes
Art Director, Animations, Script, Director, Production: Mariola Brillowska
Voices: Bela Brillowska, Felix Kubin
Sound, Mix, Music: Felix Kubin
Graphic Artist: Julius Klemm

A shipwrecked African arrives at the mermaid Germine Identity Card, who keeps watch at her observation post at sea. The decadent, irresponsible border guard puts the African in a refugee camp on a nearby island. There he is together with other refugees flushed back into the sea, allegedly to Europe.

Mariola Brillowska

Born and raised in Polish Danzig; since her study at the Art Academy in Hamburg she lives there; is active as a comic artist, poet, prose writer, painter, installation artist, performer, filmmaker und professor

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