Kurzfilmtournee 2017


Germany | 2017 | Fiction | German | 9 min.
Nomination for Fiction Films up to 10 Minutes
Director: Michael Ciesielski
Script: Michael Ciesielski, Maya Duftschmid
Editor: Andreas Giesecke
Cast: Anke Retzlaff, Sebastian Griegel, Colin Hausberg, Anuschka Tochtermann, Nicolas Wolf, Thomas Meierl, Franz Kneißl, Karl Freudenstein, Renate Kneißl, Christa Bierer, Genoveva Jäckle
Production: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF)

For the people of Smallville the world ends at the cornfield just outside their village. Although everything they need drops from the sky, Jessica wants to escape the restricted
life. Tim seizes the opportunity to finally get her attention. A dystopian tale about rural deadlock and idyllic peace.

Michael Ciesielski

Born 1988; worked as a camera operator and gathered various experiences in different positions within the film industry; since 2015 studies at the University of Television and Film Munich; won the Starterpreis which honors promising upcoming directors

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