Kurzfilmtournee 2017


Germany | 2017 | Fiction | German | engl. ST | 30 min.
Nomination for Fiction Films from 10 to 30 Minutes
Director, Script: Lea Becker
Camera: Dino Osmanovic
Editor: Rodolfo Silveira
Music: Paulo Ferreira | EXXIV
Sound: Jannik Flieger
Cast: Luisa-Céline Gaffron, Leonard Kunz, Emma Drogunova, Mark Filatov
Produktion: OK KOSMOS FILM with Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF)

The adolescent world of Jenny consists of boredom, school and her “best friend forever”. Everything changes when she falls in love with the new boy, Boris. It is time for her to make new experiences – not all of them good.

Lea Becker

Born 1985 in Munich; earned her BA in graphic design in London in 2009 after an exchange semester in New York; since 2012 studies documentary filmmaking at the University of Television and Film Munich; founded in 2016 OK KOSMOS FILM with Rodolfo Silveira

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