Kurzfilmtournee 2019

Germany 2018 • Fiction • Swedish with German/English ST • 30 min
German Short Film Award for Fiction Films with a Running Time of 10 to 30 Minutes

Director: Sophia Bösch
Script: Sophia Bösch, Roman Gielke
DOP: Aleksandra Mednianikova
Editor: Andrea Herda Muñoz
Sound, Music: Robert Niemeyer
Production Design: Anna Anderson, Amanda Edlund
Cast: Sofia Aspholm, Lennart Jähkel, Lars T. Johansson, Emil Öhlén, Ingmar Virta, Ivan Mathias Petersson
Producer: Laura Klippel
Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf & Filmgården HB

Sixteen-year-old Linn is finally allowed to go moose hunting with her father. She knows hunting and its laws, but she has to prove herself in the group of hunters. Linn hits. She shoots her first moose. But her pride is short-lived when she turns out to have killed a mother cow. Moose cows must not be shot until their calf has been shot. The calf has to be tracked down and killed so that it does not die miserably. Full of shame and zeal, Linn sets out alone to find the calf. A walk into the wilderness, which becomes her real test.

Jury statement:
RÅ deals with timeless and topical themes: The relationship between father and daughter, a girl in a group of men, the relationship between man and animal, man as part of nature. The story is about Linn, who hunts her first moose. A story of growing up, of proving oneself and of growing self-confidence, through the fact that Linn is an independent and makes a decision and goes her own way. Only little is spoken. The forest and nature are large and present, the sounds of nature and animals are as important as human voices. Music is used sparingly. Totals of the forest and close-ups of Linn's face determine the aesthetics of the pictures. Director Sophia Bösch and her team succeed in creating an emotionally moving film that creates a multi-layered network of relationships through its strong imagery. The viewer can participate in the strengthening of Linn in a tender and rough way at the same time, nature can be experienced as a powerful player. The forest never becomes the backdrop, it plays a strange, sometimes uncanny partner who needs to be understood.

Sophia Bösch

Born 1987 in Switzerland. BA Cinema Studies at the University of Stockholm. Film studies at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since 2011 director in the film collective Lillemor Film Stockholm. With DÄR BARN JAG LEKT (Lillemor Film, 2012) nominated for the Swedish Film Industry Award 1km film 2013, 2017 Short Tiger for MEINUNGSAUSTAUSCH (Linnenbaum & Bösch 2016). Since 2017 Master student in Feature Film Direction at the Film University Babelsberg.