Kurzfilmtournee 2019

Das satanische Dickicht – DREI

Germany 2017 • Fiction • German with English ST • 22 min.
Nomination in the Category for Fiction Films with a Running Time of 10 to 30 Minutes
Director, script: Willy Hans
DOP: Paul Spengemann
Sound: Karsten Krause
Cast: Charlotte Holst, Lars Rudolph, Ruth Marie Kröger, Janko Kahle, Kian Erk, Ben Siebold, James Lamptey, Levin Liam
Production: Spengemann Eichberg Goldkamp Hans

The first day of their holiday at the campsite. Mimi is looking for contact to other people of the same age, Karl wants to swim with the crocodile, Dad's hungry and Mom left the sandwiches at home. Suddenly Fernando, the groundskeeper's little rabbit, has disappeared. Only when the medieval tourists appear does order return. Nevertheless, confusion is everywhere.

Jury statement:
Already the first chords of the title sequence unfold an irresistible pull, which pulls into the supposed camping idyll of a small family. Daughter Mimi seeks contact with the boys of the same age to escape the dreariness. Dad is hungry, Mom is irritable and son Karl goes swimming. The four drift apart.
Mysterious events, people and things are interwoven with invisible threads to form an uncanny web. Surreal moments enrich the unconventional narration and develop a strong suggestive power. First Fernando, the beloved rabbit of the groundskeeper, disappears, then the plastic crocodile. While the medieval role-players appear, the tension seems to dissolve. With Schubert's serenade "Leise flehen meine Lieder" the virtuoso production reaches its climax. Sound and image combine to form a symbiosis - beguiling and floating. Director Willy Hans masterfully brings the four together again at the end and completes his trilogy DAS SATANISCHE DICKICHT with the outstanding stage ensemble.

Willy Hans

Born 1982 in Freiburg. Willy Hans lives and works in Hamburg, where he studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste with Angela Schanelec, Wim Wenders and Andreas Slominski. He is a founding member of the film collective Spengemann Eichberg Goldkamp Hans. The short films DAS SATANISCHE DICKICHT - EINS and ZWEI have been shown at numerous international film festivals. ZWEI was as well nominated for the German Short Film Award.