Kurzfilmtournee 2019

Minden Rendben (Everything Alright)

Germany 2018 • Fiction • Hungarian with German/English ST • 13 min.
Nomination in the Category for Fiction Films with a Running Time of 10 to 30 Minutes
Director: Borbála Nagy
DOP: Constantin Campean
Editor: László Dunai
Sound: Tamás Bohács, Tamás Kreiner
Cast: Benett Vilmányi, Ákos Orosz
Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin

Alpár has his first working day on the 175 km long border between Hungary and Serbia, where he is supposed to protect his country from fugitives. As he tries to understand the rules of the border guards, he is confronted with the relentless structures that rob the strangers from the other side of their human qualities. Alpár also seems to have to leave behind his humanity in the icy cold microcosm of the border.

Jury statement:
Dawn, freezing cold, his first day at work. Alpár stands on the 175 km long border between Hungary and Serbia. The young border guard patrols a little lost through the snow. Only his walkie-talkie and the occasional whirring of a state-of-the-art surveillance camera break the silence. A colleague speaks to him in a quiet monotonous voice: "You'll see they come and eat our harvest". They stand at the border fence and look in the direction of Serbia. Alpár has to realize that from now on he is confronted with some ruthless habits. In rhythmically brilliantly composed pictures, director Borbála Nagy and her team succeed in creating a small cinematic masterpiece. The minimalistic narrative style gets by without any music at all. No word, no cut, no sound is too much here. Always in the background: The border fence, whose steel figure mercilessly meanders through the barren Hungarian snowy landscape. The result is a precisely narrated short feature film the atmospheric power of which speaks volumes about the current state of Europe.

Borbála Nagy

Borbála was born in Hungary. Her first short films were made during her studies at the Faculty of Film Sciences in Budapest. In 2012 she moved to Germany and began her studies at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin, specialising in directing. Since then she has made several short films that have been shown at festivals all over the world. She is currently working on the post-production of her new short film and is developing her graduation film.