Kurzfilmtournee 2019

The Bitter With the Sweet

Germany 2018 • Documentary • English • 24 min.
German Short Film Award for Documentary Films with a Running Time of up to 30 Minutes

Director, DOP, Sound: Ann Sophie Lindström
Editor: Ann Sophie Lindström, Uwe H. Martin, Frauke Huber
Cast: Richard Whiten, Gretchen Hall Kennedy
Production: Ann Sophie Lindström, Uwe H. Martin, Bombay Flying Club

Cowboy Ricky, 62, and eloquent Gretchen, 55, have been a couple since 2008. Influenced by injuries from the past, the relationship for both is an emotional rollercoaster ride between dependence and love. Despite the challenges in their relationship, Ricky and Gretchen try to grow old together, because they can't cope with their bitter everyday life in North Philadelphia without each other. The intimate documentary takes us on an emotional journey from tenderly beautiful moments to total rage and invites us to think about our own relationships, triggers and emotions.

Jury statement:
Cowboy Ricky is 62, has been a womanizer all his life and is no good as a husband, says Gretchen. Ricky has been with the eloquent woman for more than 7 years. Their everyday life in North Philadelphia is hard: The water drips from the ceiling, the house is about to collapse and the car literally rustes away under their butts. And yet, or perhaps because of that, they fight for their ailing relationship.
THE BITTER WITH THE SWEET is a film in which the title fits like a fist on the eye. Director and camerawoman Ann Sophie Lindström succeeds in capturing the couple's relationship at eye level with the protagonists in an unembellished and honest way, but above all with warmth and great sensitivity. You couldn't get closer to the two protagonists, the places and situations in the movie couldn't be better chosen. A captivatingly honest story about two people, who often can't be together but even less without each other.

Ann Sophie Lindström

Ann Sophie Lindström, born 1984 in Luxembourg, works as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. She lives in Luxembourg and Hanover. Lindström studied photography in Brussels, Bielefeld and Hanover and completed her studies in photojournalism and documentary photography in 2014 with the multimedia reportage DON'T FENCE ME IN. In addition to corporate and editorial assignments, Lindström also works on long-term projects. Besides her freelance work, she teaches photography at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts.