Kurzfilmtournee 2019

Räuber & Gendarm

Germany 2017 • Animation • German with English ST • 8 min.
German Short Film Award for Animated Films with a Running Time of up to 30 Minutes

Director/ Animation: Florian Maubach
Sound Design: Jonatan Schwenk
Production: Florian Maubach

"Playing cops and robbers in the old playground. Why am I still playing?" While playing cops and robbers with friends, Daniel begins to realize that there is something else between catching and getting caught. He finds himself confronted with situations he doesn't really know how to deal with.

Jury statement:
Evening atmosphere on the playground. Florian Maubach thus chooses the perfect setting for a group of teenage kids. They hang out, talk and decide on a child's play. It seems like an attempt to fight the mercilessness of time that will turn them into adults, faster than they want and faster than they can understand. That is why they are reclaiming this place. For the moment while they still can. And in this film we are allowed to be there, because the animation tells the story of one of the boys from the first-person perspective. We scurry with him over the playground, run, fight, hide. And we feel the girl's tender touch, her confusion and the disappointment that immediately follows. Everything is still a game and yet already serious. The lightness of the moment is followed by a confusion of feelings, even if you can't let anything show. Later it's quiet again and the world is just there.
And then Mama calls ... Oh great.

Florian Maubach

Florian Maubach was born in Hamburg in 1989. In 2017 he finished his studies of visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel with the animated short film "Räuber & Gendarm". Florian Maubach has been a master student of Prof. Martina Bramkamp since summer 2017. He is co-founder of the animated film collective "Sticky Frames".