Kurzfilmtournee 2019

Neko No Hi/Cat Days

Germany 2017 • Animation • Japanese with German/English ST • 11 min.
Nomination in the Category for Animation Films with a Running Time of up to 30 Minutes
Director, Script, Editor, Animation: Jon Frickey
Music: Gofish Trio & Satoko Shibata
Sound: Tobi Taskin, Steven Hofmann, Adriana Espinal
Producer: Jon Frickey, Takashi Horiguchi

Little Jiro feels sick. His father takes him to the doctor. Her diagnosis is harmless, but shakes the boy's identity.

Jury statement:
Jiro feels sick. The doctor's diagnosis is: Kitty flu. Actually no reason to worry, except that only cats can get this. The consequence: Jiro is a cat, his previous identity is completely questioned. In enchanting pictures reduced to the essentials, Jon Frickey tells all age groups understandably that you decide for yourself who or what you are. The unity of narrative and animation is grandiosely symbiotic, unagitated, calm and, above all, right to the point. KATZENTAGE is a parable with a convincingly simple message. A plea for diversity, against prejudices and dusty pigeonholing. A story that can be transferred to many areas without swinging a moral cudgel. - Be whatever you want to be!

Jon Frickey

Jon Frickey is a freelance animator and illustrator. He previously worked as an art director. He was born in 1979, is American and lives in Hamburg.