Kurzfilmtournee 2019

Making Off (Germania Dreamland)

Germany 2018 • Experimental Film • Germany with English ST • 23 min.
Nomination in the Category for Experimental Films with a Running Time of up to 30 Minutes
Director, Script, Editor, Sound: Istvan Gyöngyösi
DOP: Istvan Gyöngyösi, René Feldmann, Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher, Oscar von Hoffmann, Marcus Bronst
Cast: Fernando Param
Production: Istvan Gyöngyösi

Pictures tell a film. A voice tells a film. They touch each other, drift apart, find each other again. A woman, her environment, her dreams and her addictions. Berlin as an amusement park in various stations: Tempelhofer Feld, Hasenheide, IAE. Involvement into a system that promotes war and expulsion.

Jury statement:
Two airports in Berlin, Tempelhof and Schönefeld. On one, the refugees are accommodated in emergency shelters, on the other the International Aerospace Exhibition ILA takes place. On display will be military aircrafts carrying weapons to the regions from which the refugees came. Director Istvan Gyöngyösi wants to put our perception to the test in MAKING OFF (Germania Dreamland). He shifts images and sounds, reassembles them, presents us with a virtuoso montage of the cynicism of the political present in an intelligent and irritating way. His observations on the edge of the runway are supplemented by visions, projections and fantasies in an open associative space. He seeks the system behind the all too obvious. Or as Heiner Müller used to say: "Optimism is only a lack of information".

Istvan Gyöngyösi

Born in Vienna, lives in Berlin. Studied journalism and communication science, German language and literature in Salzburg. Curator in the fields of film (e.g. Zeitfluss, Sommerszene Salzburg, Diagonale), media art (with Rike Frank under the label "Best Before") and music (e.g. Donaufestival Krems). Editor of the film magazine "Revolver".