Kurzfilmtournee 2020


Germany 2019 • documentary • Russian • 20 mins.
Nomination in the category for documentary films up to 30 minutes
director, script: Olga Delane
camera: Olga Delane, Nikolai v. Graevenitz
sound: Torben Seemann
editor: Philipp Gromov
production: Olga Delane and Linda Matern (Bildschön film production) with Doppelplusultra Film and TV Production

In a remote Siberian village where marriage is traditionally considered the highest happiness for women, lives 80-year-old Dorotchka. She is an archetypal babushka, always left alone. Sitting at the kitchen table, she reflects sharply and self-critically on love, remorse and loneliness.

Jury statement:
Small wooden houses, crooked wooden fences, crooked electricity pylons in endless space and distance. A knocking can be heard - dynamic, haunting. It is her hands that create this energetic rhythm. Dorotchka's hands - marked by hard work in the rough everyday life. Sitting at the kitchen table, she philosophises about life, speaks of her groom, her admirers, who were "all drunks and good for nothing", and her son Vova. "Someone else made me", she whispers to the camera, smiling with a little wink. And again this knocking between her pithy sentences, peppered with hearty swear words.
Cleverly mounted, historical footage of Russian wedding customs, folk dances and songs form a strong counterpoint to Dorotchka's life story. Cleverly combined, snapshots of a village festival lead into the present day. With devotion and empathy, director Olga Delane draws this moving portrait. The film is also a declaration of love for Dorotchka - haunting, incomparable, unforgettable.

Olga Delane

Olga Delane, born 1977 in Krasnokamensk, is a photographer and director. Since 2012 she has been travelling through Siberia on several research trips for her photo, video and film projects.
Her feature-length documentaries ENDSTATION KRASNOKAMENSK and LIEBE AUF SIBIRISCH were shown successfully in German cinemas and have been exploited internationally.
Currently Olga Delane is working on the development of further documentaries in Russia.

KARABASH (work in progress)