Kurzfilmtournee 2021

Just a Guy

Germany 2020 • anim. documentary • English w. German ST • 15 min.
Nomination in the documentary category of up to 30 minutes
Director: Shoko Hara
Screenplay: Simon Thummet
Animation: Eliott Deshusses, Valentin Kemmner
Music: Chiara Strickland
Editing: Tobias Wilhelmer
Voices: Eva O., Sarah K., Shoko Hara
Production: Stefan Michel, Studio Seufz

Years of intimacy without a single touch. Erotic photos to death row ... Three women tell of their relationship with Richard Ramirez, a serial killer and rapist imprisoned in the 80s.
What were these women looking for? How strange and obsessive, how close and comprehensible are the shared letters and emotions in their retrospective? JUST A GUY is an animated documentary about the nature of love.

Jury Statement
Three women talk about their relationship and communication with a rapist and serial killer who waited over 20 years for his death sentence in San Quentin State Prison in California until he died there of an illness in 2013.
The extremely rough and collaged animation, a mixed technique of minimal clay animation, cartoons and other materials, interspersed with video and image documents, reinforces the incomprehensibility of this story. At the same time, the simplicity and rather awkward style of the character drawing give the protagonists something accessible and comprehensible, without the director, Shoko Hara, relativising or scandalising out of a voyeuristic or gimmicky need. Rather, she reflects on the dependencies and the different power structures of interpersonal relationships, which can have alarming pull effects, especially in this day and age with the help of modern communication media.

Shoko Hara

Shoko Hara wurde 1988 in Japan geboren. 2012 legte sie einen B.A. Mediendesign an der DHBW Ravensburg ab. Mit ihrer Vorliebe für das analoge und experimentelle Arbeiten studierte sie bis 2016 Motion Design an der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Derzeit lehrt sie Motion Graphics und arbeitet als Animationsfilmregisseurin für Werbefilme und Musikvideos.

2012 ABITA