Kurzfilmtournee 2021

From my Desert

Germany 2019 • animated film • Englisch w. German ST • 14 min.
Nomination in the animation category of up to 30 minutes
Director, production, animation, editor, screenplay: Veneta Androva
Music and sound: Nadia D'Aló, Benedikt Frey
Narrator: Una Hepburn
Production: Veneta Androva

Temperature: 21 °C. Humidity: 55 %. Optimal conditions for Martin to stay fresh and handsome. Rosy skin, bedroom eyes, a perky little cap - this is how he meets the youthful art investor in the depot of an anonymous airport. His master, Lucas Cranach the Elder, created him almost five hundred years ago. Now he hangs opposite a paralysed suit-wearer whose presence gives him ecstatic feelings. They are talking about the art market. And yet about so much more.

Jury Statement
The art trade has become a stable and profitable market, the female narrator's voice tells us, while a young investor moves through the labyrinthine corridors of the Geneva customs free port as if through a cool computer game. In the discreet darkness of the private showroom, the jetsetter wants to convince himself of the quality of the painting he has bought. He is so overwhelmed by the sight of the Martin Luther portrait (painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder) that he hears Martin speaking to him and sees him smiling. He is taken by surprise. Again and again he returns to the "dark room" to exchange ideas with his clever counterpart. When he also lives out his sexual fantasies, he is no longer able to separate himself from Martin.
In the reduction of the computer-generated setting, Veneta Androva succeeds in creating a razor-sharp parable that so mercilessly exposes the connections between power and greed, longing and desire that it makes you laugh out loud at the precise mirror of our distorted modernity.

Veneta Androva

Die Filmemacherin und visuelle Künstlerin Veneta Androva wurde 1985 in Sofia geboren. Sie studierte Kunstgeschichte und Philosophie an der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin sowie Freie Kunst an der Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. Teil ihrer künstlerischen Ausbildung war ein Aufenthalt an der Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Aus dem experimentellen Dokumentarfilm kommend, kombiniert sie Archiv- und Dokumentationsmaterial mit Malerei. Diese Elemente vereint sie durch Animationen in ihren filmischen Arbeiten.

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