Kurzfilmtournee 2021


Germany 2020 • fiction film • Turkish w. German ST • 26 min.
Nominierung in der Kategorie Spielfilm von mehr als 10 bis 30 Minuten
Director, screenplay: Deren Ercenk
Camera: Paul Faltz
Sound: Tim Gorinski
Editing: Deren Ercenk
Cast: Lise Wolle, Altan Gördüm, Dilara Raika Er, Ferhat Keskin, Halit Ruhat Yildiz, Enes Okutucu, Kazim Sahin, Sude Bilgin, Aysel Bilgin
Production: filmfaust GmbH with Cologne Academy of Media Arts and Deren Ercenk

A power failure in an all-inclusive hotel; a reunion on the edge of a steppe; and a feat of strength in the streets of Izmir reminiscent of Sisyphus. In three short stories, the film tells of states of inner and outer overheating, shame and hardship in the everyday life of a deeply divided society on the Turkish Aegean.

Jury Statement
A room by the sea. A young woman winds her way through elegiac heat. From outside, acoustic outlines of dedicated hotel animation waft. Time passes. Without reason. A car is stopped. An unexpected encounter with supposedly old acquaintances turns out to be a stress test between patient friendliness and oppressive unease. A bulky piece of furniture has to be carried through the narrow and steep streets of a Turkish city. A tragic-comic feat of strength. Sisyphus-like.
In quasi-documentary episodes, the film sketches out scenarios of everyday life that literally bring the inner drive of the respective characters to a standstill due to external circumstances and thus condense into a microcosm of powerlessness. Through the subtle and impressive interplay of interior spaces and exterior worlds, which connect with each other along a topography of (non-)places, the director simultaneously creates a mirror image of the social circumstances of a country. This film is more than the sum of its parts.

Deren Ercenk

Geboren 1989 in Köln, studierte an der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. 2018 erhielt sie ihr Diplom für ihren Film BERZAH, der den Preis für den besten Beitrag im NRW-Wettbewerb bei den 66. Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen gewann. Sie ist Chargesheimer-Stipendiatin 2020 und Teilnehmerin des Artist-in-Residence-Programms „Atelier Galata“ 2020 in Istanbul, wo sie derzeit an ihrer Ausstellung „reklam“ arbeitet.