Kurzfilmtournee 2021

Maman Maman Maman

Germany 2019 • documentary film • German, French • 37 min.
Special Award of the German Short Film Award for films with a length of more than 30 to 78 minutes
Director, screenplay: Lucia Margarita Bauer
Camera: Lucia Margarita Bauer, Nora Lawrenz
Sound: Stefan Voglsinger
Editing: René Frölke, Lucia Margarita Bauer
Actress: Mama
Production: Ann Carolin Renninger, joon film

Far too rarely do we experience the process of saying goodbye as an absurd, potentially even hilarious story. Lucia Margareta Bauer's grandmother Babet Berger died on 6 April 2012. The story of her semi-criminal transfer from Riedlingen in southern Germany via Paris (including a bus tour and a trip around the Seine) to her husband's French grave was the starting point for the film MAMAN MAMAN MAMAN with which she goes in search of her own roots and, as a matter of course, gets stuck at one or two forks in the road.
As in her debut film The Snake in the Jar from 2013, Lucia uses numerous cinematic sources in Maman Maman Maman - letters, photos, objects of all kinds, mobile phone films of her cousins, her own footage of her great-grandparents, as well as Super 8 films of her grandmother herself. The result is a kaleidoscope-like anti-portrait, whose particles strive in all directions, but whose centre remains obscure until the end - about life and the deep relationship between tragedy and comedy, slapstick and death.

Jury Statement
A film is a journey. A life is a journey. When life ends, the film begins, and the absurdities of saying goodbye become a story that takes humour seriously in all its seriousness. Lucia Margarita Bauer takes her own family as an occasion to become a lady to the stories of her family through the process of collection and kaleidoscope, order and play. Who is at the centre of attention, and what power do the stars have when their energy bursts them? MAMAN MAMAN MAMAN is a powerful suggestion of life, realised with the cinematographic means of pleasure - no rule applies, everything is possible. Life is a celebration. Death a wonderful part of it. An album is brought to life. The artist Lucia Margarita Bauer constructs her own course of history by deconstructing and reorganising events and objects. She shapes the hierarchy of meanings. MAMAN MAMAN MAMAN is a possible contemporary response to the search for autonomy.

Lucia Margarita Bauer

Lucia Margarita Bauer, geboren 1979 in Riedlingen an der Donau. Vater deutsch, Mutter Französin, die ihr ein fehlerhaftes Schwäbisch mit französischem Akzent beibringt. Bereits mit 13 zieht sie von Zuhause aus, lebt in Berlin und begibt sich mit 14 auf eine Reise in den Mittleren Westen der USA.
Nach einem zweijährigen Aufenthalt in Irland, zieht sie mit 16 nach Ulm und beendet mit 22 ihre Goldschmiedelehre. Ohne gültigen Schulabschluss geht sie für ein Jahr nach Strasbourg an die „Ecole des Beaux Arts" und führt später das Studium in Berlin fort, mit Abschluss im Fachbereich Experimentelle Mediengestaltung in der Klasse von Thomas Arslan.
Lucia Margarita kuratierte zahlreiche Ausstellungen in Berlin, u.a. das ehemalige HBC und aktuell die Santa Lucia Galerie der Gespräche. Als Fotografin für diverse Tageszeitungen und Magazine fotografierte sie Musiker, Künstler und Philosophen wie Jean-Michel Jarre, Albert Oehlen und Claude Lanzmann.