Kurzfilmtournee 2021


Peru, Germany, Denmark 2020 • documentary film • Spanish w. German ST • 30 min.
German Short Film Award in Gold in the documentary category of up to 30 minutes
Director, camera: Roxana Reiss
Original sound: Victoria Maréchal
Sound Design: Hannah Zwennes
Editing: Freja Borrowman, Roxana Reiss
Cast: Elisa Taboada Balboa, Raúl Castro Taboada, Sarita Castro Taboada, Carlos Daniel Castro Taboada
Production: Roxana Reiss, Marian Freistühler (Ohne Falsch Film)

ALTURAS portrays Elisa Taboada Balboa, a young mother who is standing for election for the first time as a municipal representative in the region. The myth here is that if you dream of snakes or pigs, you will fight with your husband the next day. But traditions are changing and awareness of women's rights is growing. What can we learn about this place if we take time to curiously observe its rhythms and movements?

Jury Statement
A direct force emanates from the first images and extends over the entire wonderful length of 30 minutes. We are in the mountains, in the Andes, in Peru. Together with the protagonist Elisa Taboada, candidate of a political campaign. Filmmaker Roxana Reiss accompanies Elisa Taboada in her everyday life. Light, movement, conversation, gesture, a laugh - everything is equal, in form as well as in content. The focus of observation lies in the small things, the gestures of everyday life. The experience in this sensitive documentary film lies in the direct physicality of the camera work and montage. The interplay between the two is sensitive and idiosyncratic. At the same time in the style of direct cinema and with the attitude of cinéma vérité - direction, camera and editing are in Roxana Reiss' hands. The result is a sensual film on 16mm that goes beyond clichés and gives the reality of the indigenous community a voice and a body: An "Echo Chamber". From the heights, the alturas - a film that resonates. Precision.

Roxana Reiss

Roxana Reiss, 1993 in Berlin geboren, ist Filmemacherin und Kamerafrau. Sie studierte bis 2020 Film an der HFBK Hamburg und der FUC in Buenos Aires. Derzeit absolviert sie ein Kamera-Studium an der Dänischen Filmschule in Kopenhagen. ALTURAS ist ihre erste dokumentarische Regie-Arbeit und ihr Abschlussfilm an der HFBK Hamburg.