Kurzfilmtournee 2017


Short Films are exciting, innovative, entertaining and full of surprises. The German Short Film Award is the most important award, endowed with the highest amount of money given to short films in Germany. It has been awarded since 1956 to outstanding short film productions. Since 1998 the nominees and award winners are touring German cinemas every year. On this website you cann find out all about the cinema tour - films, trailer, tour dates…



Annika Pinske
Germany 2016 | fiction | 7 min | FSK 0
German Short Film Award for fiction films up to 7 minutes
A young father, his twelve-year-old daughter, one night club, two secrets and a lie that will solve everything.

And I'm Like: What?

Steffen Heidenreich
Germany 2015 | fiction | 30 min | FSK 0
German Short Film Award for fiction films with a length of 7 to 30 minutes
Klaus Grill is a taxi driver and struggles daily with the absurdities of our world. It is about the question of decency, change and the power struggles in the trivial madness of everyday life. But then he is suddenly invited to his last tour.


Hannah Stragholz & Simon Steinhorst
Germany 2016 | animation | 20 min | FSK 6
German Short Film Award for animations with a length of up to 30 minutes
What is the sense of life? These and other questions will be answered by inmate Alex K. who is regularly going in and out of prison. He deals with his criminal life apart from stealing, love and drugs and also has quite a subtle and hopeful view of his future.

Cold Valley

Johannes Krell, Florian Fischer
Germany 2016 | experimental documentary | 12 min | FSK 0
German Short Film Award for documentaries of up to 30 minutes
The film deals with our dialectic relationship with nature - as a repository for resources and as a mysterious space of possibilities.

Ocean Hill Drive

Lina Sieckmann, Miriam Gossing
Germany 2016 | experimental | 14 min | FSK 0
German Short Film Award for experimental films of up to 30 minutes
A rare phenomenon, the so-called shadowflicker, occurs in a suburban area close to Boston. As a result of an erroneously installed wind turbine, a flicker effect which reminds of structuralist experimental cinema, appears instead in documentary images of landscape and architecture in a Massachusetts coast town.


Anita Müller
Germany 2015 | AnimaDok | 31 min | FSK ?
Special Award for films with a length of 30 up to 78 minutes
On the orthodoxe Christmas holiday 2012, 7th January, a young man from Odessa leaves his house in order to rest and meditate in a wide-spread system of former stone mines underneath the city. It was not for the first time that he spends a night on his own in this dark and silent place. He has disappeared since.

A Quiet Place

Ronny Dörfler
Germany, Romania 2016 | fiction | 24 min | FSK 12
Nomination for fiction films of 7 up to 30 minutes
Cristina?s unwelcome return home brings up a conflict with her father as she sees her teenage sister struggling to accept the life she is meant to live.


Benjamin Vornehm
Germany 2016 | fiction | 19 min | FSK 0
Nomination for fiction films of 7 up to 30 minutes
Klara?s job is to clear out apartments. Whether from the deceased, refugees or old folks who have been sent to nursing homes. All goes well until one day, in a supposedly empty apartment, Klara runs into Friedrich, the occupant, who is meant to be long gone to a nursing home.

Simply the Worst

Johannes Kürschner & Franz Müller
Germany 2016 | fiction | 14 min | FSK 0
Nomination for fiction films of 7 up to 30 minutes
Günther and Hindrich are sick of the worst winter in years. They want to go to ski some real mountains, aiming for the dangerous and most epic ?Cleft of Lomnica?. But on the way to the High Tatra mountains they have to conquer a couple barriers which are followed by some bad luck. Follow them on their breathtaking journey which scores off the adventures of Frodo and his friends. Sick!

Mayday Relay

Florian Tscharf
Germany 2016 | fiction | 14:30 min | FSK 6
Nomination for fiction films of 7 up to 30 minutes
When the sailor Max and his daughter receive a mayday call on the Mediterranean sea, they act immediately and change the course of their little sailing boat. But soon they find out that there are over a hundred people in distress.

Rough Diamonds

Felix Herrmann, Jakob Defant
Germany 2015 | experimental | 24 min | FSK 0
Nomination for experimental films with a length of up to 30 minutes
Modern time feels fast and fragmented. So the Vienna-based young poet I. Ilitcheva has no time to waste ? no time for rough diamonds. She reports a modern poetical life - romantic, ironic, love-longing, sexual and uniquely physical, since she was born with a rare genetic mutation that causes a highly fragile skin.

Home Leave - from an Astronaut's Sketchbook

Franz Winzentsen
Germany 2016 | AnimaDok-Fake | 14 min | FSK 0
Nomination for animations with a length of up to 30 minutes
The film presents some biographical fragments of his childhood and youth, accompanies the astronaut on his first space mission, and shows sketches and paintings he does during his home leave.

Tehran Derby

Simon Ostermann
Germany 2016 | documentary | 20 min
Nomination for documentaries with a length of up to 30 minutes
The Islamic Republik of Iran is divided ? in red and blue, men and women, winners and losers. It?s derby time in Tehran. 100.000 men are praying for redemption. Are we just talking about football here?