Kurzfilmtournee 2017


Germany | 2017 | Fiction | German | engl. ST | 30 min.
German Short Film Award for Fiction Films from 10 to 30 Minutes
Director, Script: Michael Fetter Nathansky
Camera: Clara Rosenthal
Editor: Kai Eiermann
Sound: Robert Niemeyer
Cast: Gisa Flake, Florian Kroop, Britta Steffenhagen, Martin Neuhaus, Dela Dabulamanzi, Anja Karnstedt
Production: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF in Co-production with the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)

„Ick sag nüscht, und mach allet über Augen.“ - I’ll say nothing. I’ll do it all with my eyes.
A uneasy emptiness is overshadowing tile-layer Gabi’s life. Her husband cheats, but she does not even mind. Her sister is pregnant and stressed out. Instead of recognising
Gabi’s conundrum she increasingly shifts responsibilities on to Gabi. Ultimately, Gabi even has to take in her senile dad after a damage has made his retirement home uninhabitable.
The only person paying attention to her is her apprentice Marco. He sees her. He talks to her. Almost exaggeratingly. Marco, too, has problems. He is not capable of separating from his unfaithful girlfriend. Therefore, he is practicing breaking up with her: with Gabi in the role of his girlfriend. This role play induces an emotional mix, ranging from tantrums to affection, during which the lines between reality and acting begin to blur.


Michael Fetter Nathansky

Michael Fetter Nathansky (c) Sophie Linnenbaum

Michael Fetter Nathansky was born in 1993 in Cologne. He lived in Germany and Spain. Since October 2013 he studies directing at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.
Since then he has made several films playing with the limits of fictional and non-ficitonal film. One of them was the mockumentary »Kurtsky – Die Eintagsfliege«, a cooperation with the rbb, which was screened at DOK Leipzig in 2014.

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