Kurzfilmtournee 2019

Call of Comfort

Germany 2018 • Experimental film • Englisch • 9 min.
German Short Film Award for Experimental Films with a Running Time of up to 30 Minutes
Director, Script, Editor, Music, Production: Brenda Lien
DOP: Brenda Lien, Tim Seger
Cast: Sina Martens, Yodit Tarikwa, Johanna Miller

"Please agree to the Terms of Use to be a part of the community," says the Big Data crystal ball as it baths you in positive affirmations and hyper-personalized advertising, "All for your own benefit, of course." You are an infinite source of energy. Feel your body relax and become heavy. Just say "Yes!" How modern technologies tempt us to sacrifice our privacy with the promise of an optimized life.

Jury statement:
Brenda Lien's visionary view into our near future promises nothing good. In it, under the constant pressure of the digital advertising machinery, people degenerate into a self-optimization object that can be sucked away for new cosmetic and character gadgets even the last secrets of its existence in the form of an endless stream of data. Those who do not follow the rules of the data companies are literally "out there" from all networks - a social outsider.
The data, someone once said, is for the beautiful new capitalism of the future what the oil was in the past. Brenda Lien has known this for a long time. And her film is an amusing warning to all those who don't yet believe that it is already too late for the human being as we knew it.

Brenda Lien

Born in 1995 in Offenbach am Main, Brenda Lien works as an auteur filmmaker and film music composer. She has won several prizes in the field of film and music and is a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. Since 2012 she has been studying art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach.