Kurzfilmtournee 2020

The Last Five Minutes of the World

Germany 2019 • Fiction • German • 8 mins
German Short Film Award in Gold for fiction films up to 10 minutes
director, script: Jürgen Heimüller
camera: Anton L. Felixberger
sound: Robert F. Kellner
editor: Jürgen Heimüller
cast: Martin Muliar, Jürgen Heimüller, Christine Klein, Konstanze Dutzi, Boris Popovic
production: nana productions

The end of the world is imminent and instead of going to the supposedly safe bunker, a small, illustrious company arrives on a bench in front of a house to clear the air: Honest confessions, last beers, the question of whether one should not go into the bunker after all - and above all: will Vroni forgive her Joseph for his fling?

Jury statement:
Five people. Five minutes. And a bag of canned beer. Joseph had something with Lissi. His Vroni is pissed. Will she forgive him? Not much time left. The end of the world is imminent. There are five minutes left. This is bullshit. In a single, precisely chosen camera shot, THE LAST FIVE MINUTES OF THE WORLD tells about five people who don't mince matters in the face of the approaching apocalypse. Director Jürgen Heimüller and his outstanding ensemble of actors manage to counter the undoubtedly dramatic initial situation with wonderfully laconic humour. Through the targeted use of dramaturgical and cinematic means, a complex world is created, which takes place primarily outside the edge of the picture, in the imagination of the viewer. A short, big film. Authentic!

Jürgen Heimüller

Jürgen Heimüller, born 1967 in Nuremberg, is originally an actor and musician. In the meantime, however, he is also filming his own stories. After first demo scenes he shot his first film BLUMENTOPF in 2016. In May 2017 he won third prize at the SMSFestival of the Munich Film Festival with WOVON WIR TRÄUMEN. In 2018 followed the one-taker DIE LETZTEN FÜNF MINUTEN DER WELT. Jürgen Heimüller lives in Berlin and Nuremberg.