Germany 2020 • fiction film • German • 9 min.
German Short Film Award in Gold in the fiction category up to 10 minutes
Director, screenplay: Jannis Alexander Kiefer
Editing: Jannis Alexander Kiefer
Music: Anna Kühlein
Cast: Gisa Flake, Jürgen Heimüller, Gregor Knop, Gabriela Lindl
Production: Jannis Alexander Kiefer

Thanks to the corona virus, even important meetings now only take place online. No problem for Sydney and Schmittke, because they have prepared themselves: With plastic bottles in their pants, they can hold out for hours if necessary and soften up their counterparts. But soon the situation slips away from them, their business partners Müller and Westlake increasingly take control. Soon the two men have to realise who really makes the decisions here and that the plastic penis bottles won't help them either.

Jury Statement
In the worldwide year of the home office, Jannis Alexander Kiefer puts the crowning touch on Zoom Meeting: snappy dialogue with comedically perfect timing, played by an ensemble that could not be better cast. MEETING - a film that seems to be thrown together quickly, but is brilliantly crafted in every respect, which wonderfully demonstrates that the last hour has come for the dull male alliances and that the pragmatic-constructive work ethic will take over from now on.

Jannis Alexander Kiefer

After various internships in Munich, Freiburg and Berlin, Jannis Alexander Kiefer first studied "audiovisual media" and since 2016 has been studying directing at the Babelsberg Film University. His first-year film COMMENTS was screened at over 80 festivals worldwide and won several awards. He presented BONBON and KAISER at the Hofer Filmtage in 2019 and 2020 respectively. His graduation film KOLLEGEN had its world premiere at the 36th Warsaw Film Festival.